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Computer Loans: how to buy a PC or Mac in installments.

Do you need to buy a computer, be it PC or Mac, and are you looking for a loan that allows you to buy it in installments and that is not too expensive? Read on, in this article we see the best computer loans you could apply for (and which you can also use to buy accessories such as scanners and printers).

Loans Astro Finance, for desktop or notebook computers

Loans Astro Finance, for desktop or notebook computers

Astro Finance offers loans specifically designed to buy a computer in installments, paying monthly amounts that are fixed for the duration of the loan.

The Astro Finance loan is characterized by being 100% online, which can be requested directly from home without necessarily having to go to the local office of your city of this financial agency.

The management of this computer loan is also feasible completely online.

The interesting thing about Astro Finance computer loans and accessories is that you can change the installment amount at any time, without additional costs.

Installment calculation example:

  • Monthly payment: $ 93.30 per month
  • Amount: $ 3,000
  • Fixed TAN: 7.48%
  • Fixed APR: 7.74%
  • Total to be refunded: $ 3,358.80

Loans Web, PC, tablet, notebook

Loans AgosWeb, PC, tablet, notebook

Even Good Lender Bank offers funding for everyone when it comes to computers (both fixed and notebook) or tablets (like the iPad for example). Lender Bank, as you can guess from the name itself, is one of the online loans in Italy whose request can be made directly online, by going to the official website.

AgosWeb makes this financing fall within the small loans, actually the amount requested is almost never higher than 2,000 – 3,000 USD (there are obviously cases in which it is necessary to spend more, but they are mostly exceptions, however Good Lender Bank responds easily and with interesting solutions).

Good Bank, the PC Zero solution

BPER, the PC Zero solution

Good Bank offers a loan to purchase a computer in installments called “PC Zero”. It is possible to buy computers, but also notebooks, tablets and smartphones.

The recipients of this loan are only students, both from primary and secondary schools, as well as those who attend university. In the event that the loan concerns a minor child, given that he cannot directly request it, the parents will be the holders (and obviously they will have to repay the loan installments to them).

Good Bank is one of the best cheap and convenient computer loans in Italy: the rate is zero, the minimum amount is $ 300 and the maximum amount is $ 1,500, while the duration is 12 months (fixed term) and in addition there are no preliminary costs.

Installment calculation example:

  • Monthly rate: 83.35 $ per month
  • Amount: $ 300 – $ 1,500
  • Fixed TAN: 0%
  • Fixed APR: 0.492%
  • Total cost for periodic communications: $ 1.33
  • Total cost of the loan: $ 1.33

Loans to buy a PC or MAC, what we need to know

Loans to buy a PC or MAC, what we need to know

When you are applying for a loan to buy a PC or MAC, but also a tablet or smartphone, you need to know that it is often possible to find cheap loans at zero rate.

These are the so-called finalized loans, ie the application can be made directly at the shop that sells the computer and, considering that the money is lent specifically to buy a computer (therefore these loans are called “finalized”), the rate is often more advantageous than the average (as in the case of the Good Bank loan we have seen above).

The repayment of the installments is always at a constant amount and the maximum duration depends on the financial company that grants the loan.

Similarly, in order to obtain this loan, adequate guarantees must be provided, such as:

  • The presence of a paycheck (loan to employee);
  • The presence of a pension (loan to pensioner);
  • The presence of a tax return (computer loan without paycheck, or loan for self-employed / freelancer).