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Dirty Name: How to Get Organized for Debt

Who never had a squeeze at the end of the month and ended up leaving an account behind? It is increasingly common to find people with a dirty name because of this same problem. Your name is your greatest asset and you need to watch over it. One way to do this is by getting organized so that you don’t accumulate debt. Want to know how to achieve this feat and still clear your name? See our tips:


Discover the origin of everything

Discover the origin of everything

The dirty (or negated) name happens when you fail to pay a debt or a bill, and the merchant names your name on some credit protection register, such as the SSC, Saresa or the protest cards.

To get out of this doubt, find out where you got your name dirty. Look for any of the organs mentioned above and you will be informed for free of the origin of the debt and also its value. Knowing who you owe you to is the starting point to get organized. 


Pay your debts

Pay your debts

The only way to be able to clear your name is to pay for it is saved in cases of improper collection , which may result in compensation for moral damages. Go to the establishment that negated your name and try to negotiate, in a way that you can pay the amount, either in cash or in installments.

When paying the debt, ask for proof. The property has up to 5 business days to remove its name from SSC or Saresa. After this time, check your name again to make sure it is clean.

If you have been denied on the protest card, you will need to go to your debt receipt and pay a fee (which is variable) to clear your name.

Keep all documents, from letters of charge to proof of payment.


Get organized to pay off

debt payment

In order to be able to pay the debt, it is necessary to create organization and financial planning. At this point you need to avoid new debt and review your monthly and future expenses. Put down everything you need to pay and calculate how much you can use to pay off your debt.

This process may take a while, as you are probably very tight about your finances. So be patient and focus on the ultimate goal.

Mainly control your personal finances and never spend more than you earn. The ideal is to save a monthly amount for emergencies and separate the intended portion for discharge.


Find an extra source of income

extra income

Selling some goods can be a way to settle debts, but not the best ones. After all, it took you a while to get them, so think of this as the last alternative. After wiping out the monthly budget (yours and your family’s), look for sources of extra income .

Many families are able to pay off their debts and even raise their living standards by finding a second source of income – such as in the food business or teaching. With little investment, it is possible to start a business indoors.


Use financial planning tools

Use financial planning tools

Financial education is a tricky issue and can be terrible for those who don’t know how to control themselves. You can take advantage of the traditional method, with handwritten calendars or spreadsheets made in Excel.

But there are applications and software that are excellent for this kind of planning. These financial organizing tools can help you get out of debt and avoid getting into debt in the future.

Always try to preserve your name and don’t be shy about finding tools for it. Still have questions about how to solve your problem? Leave your comment!