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Professionals help get rid of the debt burden

The years 2008-2010 were the golden age of instant loans and leverage. Sean Cole tried to remedy their financial situation with these solutions, but they only plunged themselves into deeper distress.

Sean Cole also have more credit card bills or small loans for other reasons. When you add up the monthly cost of all your small loans, the total amount can be really high.

If you bear the burden of debt yourself, or know someone in financial distress, there is no reason to be depressed. Being aware of the situation and seeking help from professionals can help you get rid of the debt burden quickly.

Combining loans is an effective measure for saving


Good Finance is a new Finnish mortgage broker whose goal is to help Finns with their financial affairs. Best of all, the service does not charge the user anything, as it receives its reward from its partners.

One of the most popular and also effective measures for people seeking savings is to combine loans.

In practice, this means that the customer tells Good Finance how much money they need to pay off their previous loans.

Good Finance competes with the banks and lenders to apply for a loan and then submits the resulting loan offers to the client. The customer can choose the most suitable loan solution.

But why borrow more if your old loans are still outstanding?


The reason is simple: many loans mean many side costs, while one loan contains only one side cost.

Almost all small loans, instant loans and consumer loans include a monthly account maintenance fee and possibly a billing surcharge.

By taking out one bigger loan to pay off your old loans and then paying off a new one in just one place, you may save considerable money.

Pekka has 4 different types of small loans, all worth $ 2000. He repays each loan by $ 200 per month and pays a monthly fee of $ 20 for each loan. The total cost is therefore $ 880 per month.

If Pekka were to take out a loan of $ 8,000 and pay off his old loans, reduce it by $ 800 a month and pay an account fee of $ 20, he would save $ 60 a month. On an annual basis, this would mean savings of $ 720.

Loan amount:   $ LOAN PERIOD:   1 year 2 years 3 years 4 years 5 years 6 Years 7 years 8 years 9 years 10 years 11 Years 12 years 13 years 14 years 15 years

Estimated Monthly Rate


E-mail address CONTINUE TO APPLY *) Example of the cost of a loan: With a credit of $ 10,000 and a repayment period of 5 years, the monthly payment is $ 232.5. The monthly installment includes a $ 5 monthly billing fee and a $ 90 opening fee. The total cost of the loan is $ 13,951.

The nominal interest rate is 12.60% and the effective annual interest rate is 14.9%.
Lenders make a loan offer based on a customer-specific assessment. The actual annual interest rate offered may vary between a minimum of 4.5% and a maximum of 30.6%. The loan period offered varies from 1 to 15 years.

The loan amounts offered are between $ 2000 and $ 60,000 and the loan amount offered may be less or greater than the loan amount applied for. The nominal interest rate offered shall be a maximum of 20% and the other costs of the loan shall be limited to USD 150 or 3.65% of the amount of the loan, whichever is lower.