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Real estate market: transactions increase, prices fall

Thanks to the Good Finance Real Estate Market Report, we can have a more complete picture of the real estate market situation. In particular, the data showed that in fact there is a recovery, albeit in a decidedly tenuous manner, and continues with a growth trend already highlighted over the last few years. However, the increase in executed transactions does not coincide with a stabilized growth in prices which, indeed, confirm.

The typical downward trend in many metropolitan cities.

The report, presented in recent days in Rome makes Good Finance in collaboration with Enea and I-com , thus confirmed a decrease in house prices (-2.28%) and more clearly for stores (-6, 70%) and for offices (-5.96%). The number of real estate transactions for the residential sector showed growth of 16.44%, while shops and offices maintained the negative sign, respectively -1.4% and -2.50%.

The positive signals are confirmed by the Good Finance Real Estate Observatory, but the gap between the requested and actual sales price remains. The agents also confirmed a reduction in the timing for each transaction and a reduction in the average discount practiced.

The rise in purchases made by means of a mortgage loan

The rise in purchases made by means of a mortgage loan

Which is increasingly popular as it is considered more advantageous in the long term, is strong. An excess of unsold properties, sometimes of poor quality, remains. The most requested are instead those of good quality and modest square footage, in central or semi-central areas. Among the most interested in the transactions, the three-room apartments (41% of the total transactions) and two-room apartments (19%).

A significant increase is recorded for the 2016 leases compared to the previous year (+ 15.6%) compared to a price reduction this time really moderate (-0.80%) but for the commercial one remains in negative, between -6 and -7% approximately.

Despite the signs of growth affecting most European countries

Despite the signs of growth affecting most European countries

In Italy the situation remains unstable and involves many sectors in crisis, including real estate. In the coming months we will be better able to understand if we will be able to return to a situation of consolidation of real estate investments, even if the operators exclude an immediate relaunch.

The solution would obviously remain to revive the real estate sector at the political level. In Italy, unlike other countries, the spread of real estate has created and spread wealth. Today, the exaggerated taxation on housing applied in patrimonial and non-profitable form are moving away the Italians from the investment.